Does taking advantage of the service have a cost?
No, the AllBooking booking service is completely free.
Why am I asked for my name, phone number and e-mail address?
The email address is required in order to receive the booking code to be used, the other data are used by the structure to identify the people who have booked the service.
Can I cancel a booking ?
Absolutely yes. The operation is very simple and it is possible through the special link at the bottom of the booking confirmation email.
Can I change a booking ?
No, it is possible to make a new reservation, canceling the previous one.
What happens if I arrive late or earlier than the booking time ?
These situations do not depend on the AllBooking service but are managed by the structure where you book.
What happens if I lose the booking code ?
A booking code can be retrieved using the special recovery function on the site, by entering the e-mail trick used during the booking process.